A local magazine about Toronto. Talk about local food, businesses, jobs, opportunities, startup companies, and so on….

A people might live in the city and still not be completely aware of what happens throughout their vicinity. It gets even tougher for people who are alien to the city. With a city like Toronto which has a variety of cultures present in the town and a number of events being conducted on a daily basis. Our magazine that is extremely true to the city and its essence brings you all the happenings going around the city. We talk about local foods, newer and older businesses, jobs, opportunities, startup companies and so much more.

Why should you read the magazine?

There are varieties of topics that we constantly update our readers about. We conduct interviews, extensive research and an in-depth write-ups that make sure that our magazine provides you with the finest and the latest information.

Local Food:

There is hardly a person who does not enjoy the local cuisine or the local food of Toronto. We give you a regular update on the latest on the food market and what are the cuisines that need to be tried out. We give feedback on any new restaurant that has opened or any street shops that have brought about something new to the town. We also recommend dishes that you can try out and make the most out of your money.


Toronto is the perfect market for any kind of business. We bring you the latest trends in the market and what businesses are the hot properties. We even conduct interviews with the successful business owners and ask questions that would concern a potential investor. We give out statistical data about various companies and keep writing articles for an aspiring business person to let them stay updated about the happenings.


There are a number of job seekers within the city who come in with high hopes. We keep posting about the available job opportunities and which sector is flourishing themselves with jobs. We also write about alternative careers that people can choose from and keep giving advice on what to do on interviews. We also have regular writings on building a good CV.


There are a variety of events being conducted in Toronto. We publish opportunities for people to be a part of the volunteer team or administration team. There are various other opportunities across varied sectors that might demand small-term employment and can be found in our magazine.

Startup companies:

There is also something for the younger audience looking to become entrepreneurs and we have information about potential investors as well as the guidelines to be one. Toronto has a number of successful startups and we interview their administrative team regarding their success secret and bring it out for our viewers.

These are not it as we have a whole lot of other things that could be found in our magazine based on your likeability. So do not worry if you are new to the city or an older resident. Get out the magazine and stay updated.