Most of us at one or other point of time has been dissatisfied by our looks. For some it could be their nose, for other maybe lips, it could be waste, breast or your hips. We have considered going through the cosmetic surgery at one point of time whatever may be the reason, be it that you want to enhance your look or you are after a particular look carried by your favorite star.  The surgery that is used to enhance your looks, appearance and is not due to some deformed part is termed as Cosmetic Surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is performed by keeping the preference of the client in mind. It is an elective procedure rather than being a necessary surgery which is performed by the doctor to satisfy the self-esteem and appearance of the person.

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List of all cosmetic surgeries one can get done in Toronto

There are different cosmetic surgeries being performed on different body parts. The body parts on which these surgeries can be performed to enhance the appearance are:

  • Breasts
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Face
  • Abdomen
  • Hair

The list is quite long. Let’s see the procedures that are quite famous with the people and one can get it done in Toronto.

Hair Transplant or Hair Replacement:

In this procedure, skin which has good hair growth is attached to the parts of your head which are bald.


This procedure is performed to improve the skin quality and in it, the layers of skin are scraped off.


It involves removal, restructuring or having transplants done to change the shape of the body part. A bone or cartilage is removed or changes shape in this procedure.

Body Contouring:

In this procedure, your loose skin is cut off and the remaining skin tightened to give a more sculpted look. It includes lifts and tucks.


In this procedure, implants are planted to the body parts to increase its sizes like butts and breasts augmentation.


Removal of excess fat is done in this procedure. The fat is removed from the body by making small cuts and applying suction procedures.

All these cosmetic surgeries are performed in various clinics dedicated to cosmetic surgery in Toronto. Before getting a procedure done, give a serious thought and see all the pro and cons of the surgery that you wish to get performed.

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Process Involved in getting the Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto

If you are determined to get a surgery done there are various options available in Toronto, which can confuse you a lot. To get on this ship lets understand its functioning.

  • Once you have decided to take on the surgery, you must be nervous, but don’t be, book an appointment with your doctor. If you reside in Toronto you can have a doctors meeting scheduled before the procedure face to face. If not and would be coming for the surgery from some other place you can have your first consultation through Skype.
  • Get a consultation with a doctor, we recommend PlasticSpot Toronto for this. Other cities in Canada are available too, such as PlasticSpot Calgary. Book a free consultation with a plastic surgeon through PlasticSpot bookings, and move on.
  • In this first consultation with your doctor understand the procedure thoroughly that you are undergoing. Also, understand the pre-surgery care that you have to take before getting the surgery.
  • Most of the surgeons ask you to visit your general physician before the surgery and would ask you to get some blood tests done.
  • On the day of the surgery come prepared with all the necessary items required while you stay. You must have a guardian with you while you are going through the surgery.
  • Learn about all post-surgery care from your doctor and be diligent in it. These surgeries are going to put a hole in your pocket and are having a minimum amount of risk involved.
  • Most of the patients are released on the same day of surgery or maximum the next day. Have someone to take care of you after the surgery. If there is no one available at home you can also hire a caretaker from the hospital itself.
  • Be stress-free and focus on your recovery.

Pricing of Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto

Though is a disputed area as the price of one procedure offered at a hospital can be different from the other hospital. The variation in pricing can be quite large as well. It depends on the place you are getting the procedure done and the surgeon fees as well.

Though you can get a brief view of how the pricing would be there. It defers with the individual as well. Breast Implant for one may start from $12k, to the amount of procedure involved. This is just for reference and is not fixed when you look for the procedure you are going to get done, you can then personally get the pricing and see if any negotiation is possible. Pricing is done on an individual need basis, depending on what procedure you want and how much work would be required to get the result.

The growth of Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto

This is an undisputed argument, where most of us know that our new generation is not afraid of getting cosmetic surgery done. There has been an increase in the number of teens who want the surgery to be done. Be it a perfect nose or plump lips, teenagers are the one who is most affected by the media. Seeing their idols having a perfect body and features brings out the desire to get that perfect appearance.

The need to be accepted by society is growing more. Even a small flaw is not overlooked in this age of beautification. Even men’s are looking out for surgeries, which is a new thing as cosmetic surgery has always been associated with the female gender. But no such limitations are found anymore. More and more men are opting to go under the knife.

Due to this growing demand, the numbers of people who want to become plastic surgeons have increased great bound in 10 years. With the advancement of technology, cosmetic surgeries are bound to increase more and more. This is one booming sector.